Friday, October 28, 2011

Re-New Necklaces

I have been slowly putting these necklaces together over the last couple months, when I am feeling inspired. The collection of pendents I collected from secondhand stores and my mothers old jewerly collection. The chains range from approx. 30inch-45inch. They are ment to hang low; however, you can adjust to your personal preference. Click on individual photo to see in larger view, Enjoy!

Gold  lunch time pendent with gold feather
 on a 45inch chain, $30

No time like Peacock time ~30inch chain, $25

Nautical diva, ~40inch chain $25

Yellow baby ~40inch chain $20

Tigar bling ~40inch chain $25

 Parrot blues ~40inch chain $20 

White antique inspired necklace stand. This is a DIY project. I found a secondhand frame $3, painted 2 coats of white paint, let dry for a day in front of the fire. Then sanded the frame with meadium and soft  sand paper to give it that old used look. The back is foam board with black fabric hot glued to the board. The hooks were also painted for they were gold and did not go with the color scheme. This is an easy fun project, it does take a bit of time. Try experimenting with different colors, and lace or chicken wire to make an earring stand. Have fun!

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  1. Hello Des, these are wonderful, you are so talented! I love your blog design too, awesome :)